Trail Forged Better Bushing™

The New Definition of Performance

After over a year and tens of thousands of miles of the most extremely abusive testing in snow, sand, water, rock, ice, and everywhere in between, we’re extremely pleased to share with you a whole new approach to performance. The Better Bushing™ delivers in every category, beating out old conventional bushings with ease.

  • Free pivoting
  • Self lubricating, squeak free
  • Maintenance free, grease and mess free
  • Self-centering
  • Silent operation

Daily driver/weekend wheeler? Long drives to your favorite trail? No problem… Finally a true, dual purpose bushing:

  • OEM like longevity and smooth operation
  • Superior articulation similar to high end flex joints
  • None of the many downsides of the common polyurethane bushing halves widely used
  • Free pivot reduces bushing bind and failure

Check out our expanding line of adjustable short arms and long arm kits in our shop that use this exciting technology.

One thought on “Trail Forged Better Bushing™

  1. sam schmitz says:

    I have the long arm kit and fucking love it. Just wondering how I go about ordering bushings for the rear upper control arms on the frame side. I’m not having any luck finding them and was hoping I can just order 3 of them from trail forged.

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