Trail Forged’s WJ High Clearance Radiator Support Replacement. The original badass design that can be beaten on, but never beaten.

Trail Forged High Clearance Radiator Support on Sale!

On sale now for a limited time, April 26 – May, 3rd 2019. Price marked down on site, no code needed. Don’t wait, get yours today!

Trail Forged arose from a desire to innovate. To do things different, better, stronger. And this applies here as well as anywhere. The first-to-market radiator support design for the WJ Grand Cherokee that no only replaced the thin, weak stock unit, but also netted huge gains in front end ground clearance.

Right around 1.75″ to be precise. Which in the off road world is huge. The equivalent of 3.5″ larger tires huge. In addition, the fully boxed design massively improves strength, enough so that we’ve parked the entire front end of our UGG WJ build onto rocks with little damage other than some scuffed paint and maybe a bruised ego.

Take a quick gander at this product highlight video (and be sure to blame Sean for his off camber sense of humor).

To top it all off, with Trail Forged’s latest shop expansion and aggressive push towards better and better manufacturing processes, both the DIY and Bolt-in versions are now an in-stock item! (Powder coated units may still have a short lead time if we sell out). This means no more waiting about for custom Jeep parts, bash up your stock radiator support out on the trails over the weekend? Order one up and we’ll have it boxed up and handed over to the mail carrier of your choice within days!

Listen to Shia LaBeouf guys and girls…JUST DO IT!

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