WJ Rear Bumper Wing DIY Assembly Instructions

Assembly instructions for the rear wing portions of the rear bumper

Assembly should only be performed by an experienced fabricator. If you do not have all the necessary tools, experience, or confidence to undertake this project, please seek help before beginning.


  • Bumper wings (one left, one right)
  • (2) Quarter panel attachment plates, 11 gauge, flat steel
  • (2) Front wing caps (one left, one right)
  • (2) Top caps
  • Quarter mounting hardware (4 clip nuts and 3/8 bolts)


  • Bumper Wing Body
    • Make sure gap at top of wing is closed up as best as possible, these sometimes flex open in shipping. Push down to close gap and tack weld to hold
  • Bumper Wing Cap
    • Align top plate up to top of wing, feel free to flex the bumper or cap as needed to line it up as you like, with the wing body, and with your quarter panel! Tack weld on nice and strong.
  • Bumper Wing Welding
    • At this stage you can fully weld the bumper wing and top cap together (if you are happy with fit, or you can wait until after test fitting onto the stubby but before tack welding wing onto stubby). We suggest stitch welding this in segments to avoid warpage. If you want, you can sand/smooth the welds down too, or wait until all welding is finished.
  • NOTE: For those of you NOT fully tank tucked, who have fuel lines hanging down, you will need to trim your bumper wing to allow the fuel lines to pass. Go ahead and skip down to the very bottom where I show you the trim location, and then come back up and continue…
  • Bumper Wing Insides
    • Align front wing cap and quarter panel attachment as shown in photo below. TACK WELD ONLY at this stage.
    • Make sure your stubby bumper is fully assembled and mounted up to the vehicle tight, including the D Ring tabs.
    • If you are using our quarter delete panels (highly recommended) they should also be fully installed at this stage. WJ Quarter Panel Replacements
    • Test fit the wing onto the stubby bumper, ensuring the tab on the wing front cap lines up with the square hole in the bumper mount, and everything lines up the way you want it to. The quarter mount tabs should also line up with the quarter replacement panel holes.
    • Tweak anything as needed.
    • Once you are happy with fit, you can actually use the quarter panel mount bolts to hold the wing up, line it up, and tack weld the wings onto the stubby bumper. TACK THESE ON STRONG!!!

The square tab on the quarter bolt plate should line up with the hole in the end cap. The tabs DO NOT stick down all the way into the wing. They are more for location than anything.

Tweak as needed
Things should line up nice and tight!
If things line up the way you want… tack it on strong!
  • Bumper Wing Welding
    • After some nice strong tacks, you can unbolt the entire bumper assembly and set it out for final welding.
    • WELD ER UP! Be sure to fully cover around the D ring tab, and along the ENTIRE wing/bumper mount seam.
    • We usually also remove the bottom 3 bolts (one at a time) and plug weld through the holes to permanently fix the bumper mounts to the stubby/wing assembly. You can tack weld the side d ring tab bolts on too if you would like. The bumper mounts become a permanent part of the assembly at this stage.
    • Plug weld through the square holes in the wings to the quarter mount plates.
Start burnin it all together
More welding. Fully seam weld the wing to the mount. Removing the bottom bolts and plug welding is optional but suggested for a nice smooth bottom surface.
Once all welding is done, go ahead and smooth down whatever you would like, clean up, and paint!

Non tank tucked trim notes:

We usually cut a notch from 2-5″ away from inside wing edge, 5.5″ deep along the long side.
The front wing cap will also need to be trimmed to allow the bumper to slide on with the fuel lines in place.

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