The Definitive Dual Rate Grand Cherokee Lift Spring Guide

Max flex, Without dropping springs?

We got you covered

Ready to take your ZJ or WJ game to the next level? Want max articulation, superb ride, and not be dropping coils like it’s hot all over the trail like you’re some prom night premature (spring) ejector?

Check out the reference charts below, complete with lift height, spring min and max lengths, and part numbers for MetalCloak True Dual Rate springs. Why MetalCloak springs? Because we’ve been testing and beating on them now for over half a decade, they perform at the top of the charts, and the dudes over at MC are rad and we love supporting other rad businesses.

Speaking of which, when you call over there to order, let them know we sent you and told you what to buy! It doesn’t cost you anything, but does help us out for putting resources like these together for you.

Trail Forged Built ZJ


Now, a quick note about the lift heights stated below. These are theoretical ranges. The actual lift height will vary based on how heavy your rig is… IE if you have heavy bumpers, a winch, tire carrier, roof rack, sliders, lots of glamping gear in the trunk, you name it. In general, the lift heights achieved should net you VERY close to level stance, with slightly more rear height when unloaded. No Carolina leans going on here.

ZJ Spring Guide

Metalcloak Springs and ZJ Lift Heights
Lift HeightFront Spring P/NRear Spring P/NFree Height F/RSolid Height F/RSuggested Tire Size w/ trim & bumpstop
2.5 - 3"7060705822.5" / 21"8" / 8"31-33"
3.5 - 4"7064703023.75" / 21.5"8" / 8"33"
4.5 - 5"7062700724.75" / 22"8" / 8"35"

ZJ Notes:

These part numbers are a little wonky.. The front springs are FRONT TJ springs, the rear springs are FRONT JK springs! Just use the part numbers provided to avoid confusion. All the springs drop right in without modification. The Front JK springs, that we are installing in the back, come with new isolators. They are quite a bit larger than your old ones, you will need to keep your old ones tucked up against the body, and slide the new MC ones over those to support the new springs.

WJ Spring Guide

Metalcloak Springs and WJ Lift Heights
Lift HeightFront Spring P/NRear Spring P/NFree Height F/RSolid Height F/RSuggested Tire Size w/ trim & bumpstop
4 - 4.5"7060706122.5" / 19"8" / 6.5"32-33"
5 - 5.5"7064706523.75" / 20"8" / 6.75"33"
6.5 - 7"7062706324.75" / 20.5"9.25" / 6.75"35"

WJ Notes:

These part numbers are TJ lift springs, they net you roughly 1″ more lift on a WJ than stated for the TJ. The rears drop right in, the fronts require one very simple modification. The very top loop of the new coils will have a small inward spiraling coil that is smaller than the isolator on the WJ, this needs to be cut off. Cut off just enough so that the new spring sits nicely in the stock WJ isolator.

6 thoughts on “The Definitive Dual Rate Grand Cherokee Lift Spring Guide

  1. PJ says:

    Sean, thank you so much for this information. I’m definitely dissatisfied with the limit I have on my rear springs of my zj. I have a question for you; Free height- f/r- that’s the height of the spring without any weight, but not necessarily the drop out point, right? In other words, rear spring 7007 above would droop 22 inches and then have another 4-6 inches to go before it slips of the isolator, right?

    • Sean Inglesby says:

      You are correct, the free height is the unsprung max height of the spring, so your isolator top and/or bottom would add some extra length in there to keep it in place

  2. Nate says:

    Sean is there a combo that’s works for 5.5in and 7in of lift for the ZJ? I currently have iron rock 5.5in lift kit. I know others who are wondering about 7in as well.

    • Sean Inglesby says:

      Not using Metalcloak springs, just due to the lift heights available. The tallest option will net very close to that 5.5″ number… it will really come down to how heavy the rig is. A very heavy rig will sit closer to 4.5, a lighter rig more in the 5-5.5 range. Just like any 5.5″ springs out there that will sit lower in effective height when loaded down with bumpers, armor, winch, gear, you name it.

    • Sean Inglesby says:

      We’re big fans of Fox shocks, and can get you set up with any number of different levels from 2″ smooth body all the way up to big fancy race shocks. Shoot us a text at ‪(707) 387-0074‬ or email [email protected] and we can get some going for you.

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