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Trail Forged 2019 Rubicon Trail Experience

Trail Forged 2019 Rubicon Trail Experience

Want to win an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to experience the iconic Rubicon Trail? The Trail Forged 2019 Rubicon Trail Experience, presented in association with Jeepers Jamboree, Inc, is giving you an opportunity to do just that!   What exactly are we covering for you? Flights from any major airport in the contiguous 48 states […]

Trail Forged’s WJ High Clearance Radiator Support Replacement. The original badass design that can be beaten on, but never beaten.

Trail Forged High Clearance Radiator Support on Sale!

On sale now for a limited time, April 26 – May, 3rd 2019. Price marked down on site, no code needed. Don’t wait, get yours today! Trail Forged arose from a desire to innovate. To do things different, better, stronger. And this applies here as well as anywhere. The first-to-market radiator support design for the […]

Trail Forged Better Bushing™

Trail Forged Better Bushing

The New Definition of Performance After over a year and tens of thousands of miles of the most extremely abusive testing in snow, sand, water, rock, ice, and everywhere in between, we’re extremely pleased to share with you a whole new approach to performance. The Better Bushing™ delivers in every category, beating out old conventional […]

AX15 To NV3550 Swap and Rebuild

Some more photos of my disassembly process.   A note about clocking: XJ transfer cases are clocked down lower than TJ ones, that includes AX15 trannies. The back half of the case is drilled out differently. Because I sourced my transmission from a TJ the holes are in a different location, bringing the transfer case […]