Class Levels

Level 1

  • Beginner Classes aimed at foundational principles and techniques. Idea for new Jeep owners or beginner “wrenches” looking to learn solid foundational principles, or for more seasoned individuals looking for refresher information from a professional standpoint.
  • Methodical coverage of core information in easily digestible form

Level 2

  • Intermediate level aimed at the “I’ve been wheeling and/or wrenching for a little while” type, who have a basic level of understanding and are looking to increase knowledge and confidence.
  • Core/basic information will be covered in an abbreviated/summarized fashion before moving on to more complex topics

Level 3

  • Intermediate/Advanced material, here we dispense with basics, expecting you to come in equipped with a good amount of understanding and experience. Deep dives into complex topics will happen here, and you will leave with a lot of high level information.
  • Basic information may or may not be touched on, we will quickly move into advanced topics

Level 4

  • So you think you’re hot shit? Good, come prepared for us to throw information at you hard and fast, diving right into the deep end of the topic at hand.