What does Trail Forged specialize in?

Trail Forged specializes in top quality, American made performance parts for the Jeep and Off Road industry.

Trail Forged products are born of a desire to build the absolute best part possible, whether it be a steering kit, or bumper, or just a simple small part, we want every item bearing our name to be the best designed, built, and supported part on the market, period.

All of our parts, products, and kits are extensively engineered, and punishingly tested for months to years, and tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of miles, before being offered to the public. All of our parts are proven in every condition conceivable, from sub-zero Tundra, to dry hot desert, the grippy rocks of the West to the slippery wet hills of the South East.

Unlike most of the market these days, every product bearing our name is proudly built in our Roanoke, Virginia manufacturing facility. Each item is carefully hand crafted, inspected multiple times throughout the manufacturing process, and again during the assembly and shipping process, all under the same roof, before finally being sent to you, our customers.

All parts and kits bearing the Trail Forged name are built in our Roanoke, Virginia facility. Some components, and items by other manufacturers, may be imported, but we make an effort to source USA raw materials and components as much as possible, and take great pride in supporting USA businesses and manufacturing.

Most all of our products are covered by a lifetime Unbreakable Warranty. This means, for the life of the part, if it ever fails in the course of normal use on or off road, we will replace it. Some exceptions apply, like getting in a car crash, or competitive motorsport.

Trail Forged has a rapidly growing catalogue of performance parts including steering kits, suspension components and kits, bumpers and armor, builder kits and parts for the DIY community, and other top quality items from vendors that complement our own product line.

You can reach us for support, product questions, and more at our dedicated text support number (707) 387-0074, or [email protected]

Trail Forged parts are designed and built to be a no-compromise upgrade to your vehicle. That means solving one or more problems without introducing any new issues. Our parts are designed to be longer lasting, tougher, better handling, better performing in every single way.