4X4 Assessments

Exclusively by The Jeep Forge

What is our 4×4 assessment? Simply put, it is the MOST in depth, all inclusive, professional assessment for your Jeep or Truck, SPECIFICALLY designed around lifted or modified rigs. 

We design, engineer, build, and test performance components for vehicles, so who better to take an in depth look over your rig and its modifications and parts than the very people who design those kind of parts? No other full service shop nationwide boasts the same level of engineering expertise getting hands on with your very own vehicle.


Level 1
1 Hour on Average
Large Problem Areas
100 point inspection
Level 3
Level 2 Plus:
Repair/Maintenance outlook
Professional Build Consultation
Biggest Bang for Your Buck
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Assessment Details

What does Level 1 get you?

A Level 1 Assessment is a wheels-stay-on, big picture inspection of your rig where we look for major flaws or faults.

  1. Almost 30% more value, normally $140 for one hour shop time
  2. Over 100 points of inspection
  3. Notes on critical issues or safety concerns, large fluid leaks, obvious wear issues or alignment problems

Level 2:

A Level 2 Assessment is a wheels-off, in depth dive into individual components, parts, fluids, leaks, wear measurements, vehicle set up and condition, and much more.

  1. Almost 55% more value, normally $280 for two hours shop time
  2. Over 200 points of inspection
  3. Detailed inspection and notes down to each tire, brake rotor and pad, control arm, and more
  4. Comprehensive look at not only the condition of your vehicle, but also the setup of upgraded/aftermarket parts, lift kit components, and more.
  5. Notes on issues big or small, safety concerns, specific fluid leaks, wear issues or misalignment problems

Level 3:

A Level 3 Assessment includes everything in Level 2, as well as a one hour consultation where we will go over what we find, your goals with the vehicle and thoughts/plans for modification, and suggestions on where to go next in terms of service, repair, and modification. You will be getting feedback from not only our Master Jeepsmith, but also Trail Forged’s head engineer of suspension and performance components.

Biggest bang for your buck, almost 62% off a $720 value



Note: these assessments are not intended to, nor serve as, Virginia State safety inspections, or safety inspections required by any other state or municipality. These are intended for your information and use as a vehicle owner only.