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TJ, LJ, MJ, XJ, ZJ Front Axle Bracket Reinforcement Kit – Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for the Trail Forged TJ, LJ, MJ, XJ, and ZJ Axle Bracket Reinforcement Kit: Installation should only be performed by an experienced mechanic. If you do not have all the necessary tools, experience, or confidence to undertake this project, please seek help before beginning. Notes before starting: Installation is relatively simple, but does […]

AX15 To NV3550 Swap and Rebuild

Some more photos of my disassembly process.   A note about clocking: XJ transfer cases are clocked down lower than TJ ones, that includes AX15 trannies. The back half of the case is drilled out differently. Because I sourced my transmission from a TJ the holes are in a different location, bringing the transfer case […]