Sean @ Trail Forged

Sean Inglesby
President/ HMFIC

German immigrant, avid adventurist and adrenaline junkie, engineering student turned US Army Infantry/Airborne 11B and eventually USASOC, Sean has been an avid offroader and outdoorsman since way before he could drive. The marriage of his love of all things Jeep and outdoors, an engineering background, and an avid motorsports passion, led to the creation of Trail Forged in 2017. 

Aaron @ Trail Forged

Aaron Warren
Fabrication Manager

Aaron comes from the woods of Western North Carolina, he is an avid outdoorsman, Jeep owner and dirt fanatic, award winning fly fisherman, and fly fishing guide. He was an early Trail Forged customer before finding his way into a welding internship with the company, coming on board full time in 2020 and working his way up to head of the fabrication department.

Kyle @ Trail Forged

Kyle Wrigley
Master JeepSmith @ The Jeep Forge

A US Army Veteran with a knack for problem solving in most any situation. Kyle grew up around Jeeps on both coasts and being outdoors. With a strong penchant for learning to work on his and his wife’s Jeeps himself he quickly became an expert in getting rigs set up correctly the first time without using shortcuts. Originally a Trail Forged customer, his experience installing and repairing parts on vehicles of all shapes and sizes lead him to ultimately become Trail Forged’s first Master Jeepsmith and in-house mechanic.

Ellie Perry
Operations Manager


Owen Atkinson
Warehouse Manager